Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry and Tourism Policies (MIPAAF)


Who are they?
Mipaaft (formerly Mipaaf - The Ministry of agricultural food and forestry policies) supports the agro-food and forestry sector through the governmental Programme in Agriculture, yearly issued.
The main objective of the programme is the development of  a  sustainable and competitive  agricultural,  agri-food  and  agroindustry  sector,  which includes promotion  of research and innovation,  growth of the agri-food chains, protection and exploitation of typical and quality products and internationalization of enterprises, implementation at national level of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).
In July 2018 the Ministry assumed the tourism sector responsibility in order to promote an integrated policy for the Made in Italy valorization, and a consistent and sustainable Italian system.
The Research office DISR IV of the Rural Development Directorate, acting in SUSFOOD on behalf of the Ministry, is responsible for Research and Innovation programming, research promotion, management and funding within the agricultural, agrofood and rural sector, both at national and European level.

How are they involved in SUSFOOD?
Mipaaft became member of SUSFOOD when the EU initiative started in 2011 (SUSFOOD1). The Ministry is directly involved in the activities of WP2 (launch of the call for research projects cofunded by the EU) and WP8 (Promoting networking, information exchange and international outreach).

Who is involved: Elena Capolino, Annamaria Stella Marzetti, Serenella Puliga