Flanders' FOOD (FF)

Who are they?

Flanders’ FOOD (FF) is a cluster organization (awarded with a golden label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative) and the spearhead cluster for the agri-food industry in Flanders. Flanders’ FOOD believes in the future of the Flemish agri-food industry and together with the relevant stakeholders in the agri-food system we ensure that also the next generations can enjoy tasty food for a healthy lifestyle. Flanders’ FOOD has over 300 company members (for the larger part SMEs and about 70% from agri-food industry) and collaborates with all the relevant RTOs and innovation actors in Flanders (they are also member of Flanders’ FOOD). Collaboration on different levels is necessary and especially in the framework of the spearhead cluster agri-food. We initiate and facilitate collaboration not only between research institutions, government and companies, but also across sectors, across borders and between all links of the value chain. 

How are they involved in SUSFOOD?

Flanders’ FOOD focuses on the economic growth of the Flemish agri-food industry. We will thereby mainly act as an enabler for innovation and integrator to create a trust zone of open innovation with all stakeholders in the agri-food business complex. The three economic drivers for growth are: (1) increasing local and international competitiveness, (2) focus on new business opportunities through system integration and (3) take up the social and societal responsibilities. 

Who is involved: Veerle Rijckaert