The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)

Who are they?

The acronym has remained the same but, in early June of this year, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research has changed its official English name to Dutch Research Council. NWO is the main research funding organisation in the Netherlands. Together with affiliated organisation ZonMw, which focusses on health and healthcare research, NWO supports research across all scientific disciplines in the Netherlands. Traditionally only academic researchers could apply, but in an increasing number of programmes other knowledge institutions can participate as co-applicants. NWO develops thematic as well as open programmes, personal support programmes and programmes addressing the need for research infrastructure. NWO develops top sector programmes co-financed by industry, and programmes for the National Science Agenda, addressing questions submitted by the public at large. NWO takes part in cOAlition S (Open Access publishing) and signed the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA).

NWO supports international research cooperation in different ways. In the past NWO has taken part in several ERA-NETS, including SUSFOOD 2.

How are they involved in SUSFOOD?
NWO is SUSFOOD partner and funder of two research packages at Dutch universities, one in SUSFOOD 2-project MEFPROC and one in project SUSPUFA.

Who is involved: Theo Saat and Martijn Los