Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (MIN LNV)


Who are they?

The Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality wants to ensure good prospects for the Dutch farming, horticulture and fishing sectors, which are renowned worldwide for producing good-quality food that is safe and affordable. The Ministry is working with all stakeholders to restore and maintain natural areas. It aims to consolidate the agriculture sector’s leading international position, strengthen the link between nature and agriculture, and improve farmers’ economic situation
MINLNV is the public programme owner for the Top Sector Agri & Food. To use social as well as economic opportunity, the top sector Agri & Food stimulates the development of new knowledge and innovations. The innovation agenda indicates the topics we invest in order to answer the question in society and to meet the global need .

How are they involved in SUSFOOD?
MINLNV is mainly responsible for focus, scope and alignment at national level for SUSFOOD2, whereas NWO will fund Dutch researchers involved in projects submitted in the SusFOOD2 call

Who is involved: Sakina Aouam and Sjaak Mesu