Government research council for sustainable development (Formas)

Who are they?
Formas is a government research council for sustainable development. It funds research and innovation, develop strategies, perform analyses and conduct evaluations.. Formas areas of activity include the environment, agricultural sciences and spatial planning and conduct specific environmental analyses that aim to make it easier for Sweden to achieve the environmental goals. It funds research and innovation of the highest scientific quality and relevance and distribute a total of more than 1.5 billion kronor each year for various research projects. Formas work is based on the vision that knowledge builds a sustainable world. Formas is one of four major research-funding agencies in Sweden and is governed by both an ordinance, containing terms of reference, and two appropriation directions, one from the Ministry of the Environment and Energy and one from the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation.The Swedish government has initiated seven national research programmes, where Formas is responsible for three of these – on Climate, Sustainable Spatial Planning and Food.

On international level
Formas works globally in various ways, including funding research in specific countries, often at the instruction of the Swedish Government, with the aim of bilaterally strengthening research policy alliances. Working within different organisations to support opportunities for Swedish researchers to build collaborations and networks with researchers around the world is also part of the global activities of Formas. Formas has bilateral alliances with India, China and South Africa.Formas contributes grant funding to IIASA (Int Institute for Applied Systems Analysis) and participate in other strategic collaborations, such as with the Belmont Forum, an association of research funding bodies supporting environmental research and sustainable development.
On European level
EU collaborations are prioritised by the Swedish Government contributing specific funding to the European programmes. Formas participates in three ERA-Net and 11 ERA-NET cofund initiatives. Also Formas participates in seven Joint Programming Initiatives (JPI:s), among them JPI Climate, Oceans, Water and Urban Europe. Formas is member of Science Europe, the organization in Brussels that monitor and drive research policy issues important for EU member states.

How are they involved in SUSFOOD?
Formas appreciates the opportunities that the SUSFOOD collaboration has given over the years. Several Swedish researchers have been funded and who collaborate in high quality projects for a more sustainable food system with their European partners. Formas has been involved from the start in all three SUSFOOD calls. In SUSFOOD2, Formas is funding eight projects (BIOCARB-4-FOOD, InProVe, AVARE, FUNBREW, MEFPROC, SUSCHOICE, PLATEFORMS, ProSeaFood)

Who is involved: Henrik Pompeius