Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)

Who are they?

The Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) is a research and expert organization with expertise in renewable natural resources and sustainable food production. Luke provides innovative solutions for new business opportunities based on natural resources, and supports decision making in the society. The strategic objectives of Luke are: Climate smart carbon cycle, Adaptive and resilient bioeconomy, Profitable and responsible primary production, and Circular bioeconomy.
Luke is the second largest research institute in Finland and one of the biggest clusters of bioeconomy expertise in Europe. Luke employs nearly 1,300 person-years. The institute operates in 25 different locations across Finland.

How are they involved in SUSFOOD?

Luke is a partner in SUSFOOD2 and leader of work package 6 “Strategies for impact on sustainable food production and consumption” and is also involved in WP5 “Communication, exploitation and dissemination of results” as well as in the monitoring and evaluation group of WP4.

Who is involved: Susanna Rokka