General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies (GDAR)


Who are they?

General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies (GDAR) is the research organisation of the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The objective of GDAR is to manage agricultural research programs and projects in order to increase agricultural yield and quality; develop new varieties, races and technologies; create alternative scientific based policy documents for decision makers; protect genetic resources and ensure their sustainable use.

GDAR has 48 agricultural research institutes and 2.111 researchers throughout Turkey conducting researches on agronomy, plant breeding and health, livestock breeding and husbandry, animal health, aquaculture and fisheries, food and feed, soil and water resources, biodiversity and agricultural economy.

GDAR has projects, collaborations, memberships and delegacies on national and international level. GDAR is a member of System Council of CGIAR and has cooperation with CGIAR institutes such as CIMMYT, ICARDA, IRRI and IFPRI.  GDAR has joint projects with FAO and is a member of CIHEAM, OIC and AARINENA.

On European level, GDAR participates in EU Programs, has projects under Horizon2020, IPA and EARMUS+ Programs and has been involved in most of the ERA-NET’s. GDAR represents Turkey in SCAR and its working groups.


How are they involved in SUSFOOD?

GDAR was a partner in SUSFOOD1 and has funded two projects in Call 1 (SUNNIVA and BIOPROT). GDAR is now a member of the Executive Committee, deputy leader of WP3 (Evaluation and selection of proposals), leader of a task in WP5 (Communication, exploitation and dissemination of results), part of the monitoring group in WP4 (Monitoring and impact assessment of research projects) and funder in one project of the cofunded call (InProVe).


Who is involved: Ahmet Budaklıer

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